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Video SEO and digital distribution strategy.


Visionary Brands Reshape The World. We Help Create Them.

What We Do


Video Marketing

We are your go-to hub for video production, motion graphics, animations, you name it. With 10+ years in the game there’s nothing that we can’t produce. Share your vision, and we’ll transform it into compelling, SEO-optimized videos that captivate your audience. 24h/7.


Employer Branding

We produce videos that share your team’s story and position you as thought leaders in your field. We know in 2024 strong brands grow from the inside out. The best marketing is done by your team.  We help you position yourself as the Top-of-the-Mind Employer and attract Top Talent!


Edutainment With Video

E-Learning a better way! We leverage the power of video to bring dull concepts to life, making complex topics easy to understand and retain.  We transform ideas into interactive, engaging educational video experiences. Unlocking knowledge, one click at a time. We’ve got you covered.


We don’t sell. Our videos do!

Social selling with video revolutionizes the way businesses connect with their audience. Through engaging and personalized video content, we transform social media platforms into powerful sales channels. Boost your social selling strategy with video and see your brand thrive online.

Every. Single. One of You.

Is a Media Company.

We are here to help.

We’re your unmatched video production company based in Luxembourg. Active worldwide.

Our unfair advantage? We know how to tell stories.

Our most powerful tools ? Social media marketing & video storytelling.

Our strategy? Leveraging your community: turning your employees into rockstars and your customers into raving fan brand ambassadors.

The film was premiered at a senior level European conference recently and within minutes of it being shown the office of the European Commissioner requested a copy. This is the highest level of EU politics. Andra's work has therefore resulted in a highly well-received and useful communication tool.

Tim Hudson, European Investment BankCommunication Advisor

Andra was a great coach delivering very useful insights to a class of marketing professionals. She's very knowledgable and the class learned a lot about video content, digital marketing and how to leverage Linkedin as the ultimate online marketing tool. I highly recommend her.

Alex Panican, Luxembourg House of Financial TechnologyHead of Partnerships and Ecosystem

An outstanding collaboration in delivering a cartoon for www.fi-compass.eu. Andra is a very professional worker, she has been managing very tight deadlines professionally and with a very good sense of team working. I surely recommend working with her and I am certain that we shall soon work again. My pleasure. M.

Marco Antonio Mora Diaz, Deloitte LuxembourgEU Advisory & Consulting Manager

Tx to Andra and her team for working with engagement and conviction and make it possible to express our concerns and demands through this awesome video.

Katrin Mockel, Action Solidarité Tiers MondeCMO

Working with Andra has been an outstanding experience. Not only she managed the pressure and high expectations I had on her job very smoothly but also delivered a stunning video which improved the baseline idea. Very professional, she finished the project in the right deadline. I strongly recommend Andra.

Irene del Olmo-Martin, CaelisCEO

Andra produced a great video for our NGO' campaign "Human rights before profit". It was very easy to work with her, she was very responsive and she respected the deadlines. The quality of her work was outstanding and we will not hesitate to contact her again for our next video!

Antoniya Argirova, Action Solidarité Tiers MondeResponsable Plaidoyer

Some Of Our Clients

Biography Video (Montage)

Biography Video (Montage)


Live Action – Fiction Movie (Assistance Production)

Live Action – Fiction Movie (Assistance Production)

Amour Fou

Documentary Film (Production, Script, Camera, Montage)

Documentary Film (Production, Script, Camera, Montage)

April Films

Documentary Film (Production)

Documentary Film (Production)


Live Action – Fiction Movie (Production)

Live Action – Fiction Movie (Production)


Video Testimonial (Montage)

Video Testimonial (Montage)


Documentary Style – Commercial

Documentary Style – Commercial


Explainer Video (2D Animation)

Explainer Video (2D Animation)

Action Solidarité Tiers Monde - ASTM

Storytelling Explainer (2D/3D Animation)

Storytelling Explainer (2D/3D Animation)

European Investment Bank

Storytelling Explainer (2D Animation)

Storytelling Explainer (2D Animation)


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Passion & Experience

Top Quality


It’s not just about creativity.

It’s about the brand you’re becoming while you’re creating.

You become what you envision yourself to be. And we are here to help you put that vision into practice. We’re your ONE STOP SHOP for filmmaking, video marketing and online video distribution.

Our goal in business is not just to do what we say. It’s to go WAY beyond. This is about creating an OUTSTANDING customer experience using video as a powerful tool to leverage your business, scale your communication and transform your vision into reality.

More Social Proof needed?

We have studied at top ten film academies in the world and have been selected amongst top talents in film production

Oh, & We Used To Blog Sometimes

November 29, 2018

Boosting HR Marketing with Video-Powered Employee Engagement

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Unveiling the Truth: The Heartbeat of Employee Engagement

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November 29, 2018 in Learnings

The Very First Thing They Don’t Tell You About Being A First-Time Filmmaker

Hey there, Andra here. I’ve found this astonishing glimpse into the art of shooting your first film – a unique experience which will nevertheless repeat itself over and over again…
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How To Create A Quality Background For Your Video Interview

When you shoot video of interviews, one of the most important decisions you need to make is what background to have behind your subject. Also, what can you do to…
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