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In 2024 strong brands will grow from the inside out.

Magic Has A Formula


We don’t just do advertising.

We are a digital marketing and video production agency and have discovered that ‘average’ is as thrilling as waiting for your phone to charge, and ‘normal’?

That’s just our way of saying, ‘better grab a coffee.’

Who says it’s all glitz and glam? Here at aVISION, we’re ardent fans of minimalism over glamour, and we’re not afraid to shout it from the rooftops.

We’re an unconventional crew, it’s clear we’re not just out-of-the-box thinkers – we’re redesigning new dimensions !

But aVISION is not just an ordinary problem solver – We think big, design bold, and dare to be different, transforming ‘what ifs’ into ‘heck yeahs’! We’re in the business of making your brand unforgettable.

In short, we’re aVISION – we’re here to shake things up and break the mold. Welcome to our world of creative, lovable concepts. Here, we’re all about the bold, the quirky, and the unheard-of. Above all, we’re all about community.

Phase 1

01. Strategy

How well a brand is delivered externally depends on how well it is understood internally. From strategy over to execution, we make sure your vision is built on a strong foundation: your purpose. That’s more than just selling stuff or wanting to be number one.

Phase 2

02. Creative

Once we’ve set the foundation, we then bring your purpose to life through high-quality video that impacts your TA. Proof?  “The film was premiered at the highest level of EU politics recently and within minutes of it being shown the office of the European Commissioner requested a copy.”

Phase 3

03. Communities

The videos we craft turn your employees into your strongest marketing forces and build communities of raving fan customers.

Our ultimate purpose is to build strong communities both online and beyond.

Meet Our Team


Our business is built on purpose, people and passion for the craft. We surround ourselves with visioneers and doers in the field of animation, videography, marketing, sales and online distribution. We believe in using the power of film and video marketing to educate, create trust and make an impact.

That’s how we’ve been bringing visions to life since 2009.

agence video luxembourg communication


Head of Production

From childhood, Andra embraced filmmaking as her creative outlet. In her early twenties, she produced her first feature-length documentary, "Night Shift on the Oder," while earning her international film production degree from top-ranking film academies worldwide. Her groundbreaking thesis on political manipulation through filmmaking earned her a nomination for the Hamburg Media Award in 2008.

In her youth, Andra contributed to acclaimed Luxembourgish film productions and collaborated with prestigious companies like Tarantula Film and Amour Fou. Notably, she worked on the European Film Award-winning "Hannah Arendt."

At 28, Andra was recognized as one of the Top Ten Emerging Producers from South-Eastern Europe at Berlinale Talents/Sarajevo Film Festival.
She also became an Assignment Leader for an educational films, e-learning and digital marketing commissioned by the European Investment Bank. She participated in a consortium of experts and her work was showcased at the highest levels of European Politics, earning praise from the European Commissioner.

Today, Andra combines her skills in digital marketing strategy, video production, performance marketing and AI-driven marketing, to build high-performing marketing teams and support companies in leveraging their marketing efforts.

Her passion for empowering others through content creation led her to establish the EdTech platform "2030, WHEN i GROW UP." Here, kids translate their learning journeys into impactful films, inspiring personal growth and leaving a lasting impression on their adulthood.

Young graphic designer working in office


Motion Designer

Marius works on everything what implies motion graphics - from the strategic design and overall branding of the client's company, to producing the illustrations and animated designs for their websites, social media campaigns, ads, training products, personalised email campaigns, video content and monthly newsletters

Experienced passionate, multifaceted motion designer committed to using his talents to translate our clients' vision into films that have the power to improve and innovate the world.

With a wide range of skills in 2D, 3D up to interactive web animation, marius creates cross-platform animated film content for all various platforms and apps. Willing to challenge himself consistently to raise the bar — for himself and our clients' vision, Marius' standard is visually stunning, smart work that converts and inspires audiences to take meaningful actions.

On mapping out strategic initiatives to catapult the company, and also love to implement your ideas using type, wireframing, presentations, interactive PDFs, illustration, infographics, etc. – all primarily for web, social and video.

Bearded male making selfie on a tablet PC.


Lead Animator

Guillaume is the Lead Animator in the group. He has been involved in films like "Two by Two - Oops, the ark has gone" which has won international awards, amongst which Winner of "Goldener Spatz" at Deutsches Kinder-Medien Festival, Erfurt, Germany.

Guillaume is typically in charge of animating the project’s main character. That means doing all the typical animation tasks, such as drawing the character, plotting his or her movements, and developing a final three-dimensional rendering using 3D animation software.

While he's doing this, however, he also has to make sure the project is progressing smoothly as the Animation Director ‘s right-hand man. That means supervising, mentoring, and training the team, including 2D Animators, 3D Animators, 3D Modelers, and Character Riggers, among others.

Guillaume combines Hollywood budget animation with jaw-dropping visuals and an intuitive and innovative user experience, always having in mind the business goal of converting browsers into buyers and lifelong, loyal fans.



Online Video Marketer

With a passion for IT and computers, Tibor gratuated the Engineering University of Computer Science. Throughout his career he developed skills in web development and online marketing, and that's his field of expertise since 2010. With various projects from all over the world, he can adapt to anything you have in mind.

In collaboration with Andra, our Head of Production, he develops marketing strategies for your digital distribution.

To produce a good video is not enough anymore, you need to be able to talk to the right audience from early on. Whenever people are online, you need to be there and have your message delivered.

On top of that, being well versed in all aspects of responsive design, Tibor is designing our clients' intuitive site functionality, interaction, architecture, interfaces, and navigation. No job is too little or too daunting, he is in for it all pumped to make things stunning, simple and effective for the end user.

Our Main Clients

The Impact

The quality of your business is the quality of your communication.

When working with us, the benefits for companies are clear:

✔️ A People-Centered Brand

✔️ Ignition of Internal Motivation

✔️ Attraction & Retention of Talent

✔️ Expanded Reach & Engagement

✔️ Reinforcement of Sense of Community

✔️ More Leads. More Sales. In other words: Growth.


We give back

Our vision is a world where everybody has the possibility to use the powerful tools of filmmaking to share their vision and inspire positive change in the world. From early on. Part of the fees you’re paying us, are thus invested in children’s education through Media Literacy and Filmmaking.

 “You working with us” contributes to education that matters.

We support children's media literacy (video literacy, deepfake etc).We support children's media literacy (video literacy, deepfake etc).
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