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Hey there,

Andra here. I’ve found this astonishing glimpse into the art of shooting your first film – a unique experience which will nevertheless repeat itself over and over again as long as you keep going for your passion.

I remember my first experience as a producer. Suddenly there were a bunch of strangers gathering around the same project. We did everything together: Big-Brother style. At the beginning, we were all excited about OUR project and I guess about learning to know more about each other. Gradually we discovered different visions, different tastes – all in all, which made the business difficult. It was then when I realized good leaders aren’t the ones who impose their leaderships on others, but those who know to share the common humanity and inspire their team! In order to inspire you need to be passionate about your work! Passion is contagious! But so is lack of passion which translates itself into a weak team and bad results. Those passionate about their goal will always be able to inspire their team to be the best version of themselves! And then simply take the best out of this emotional affair !

This is us – a bunch of strangers – working on a short “Have a nice trip, Rudi”, which achieved international recognition around the world. More info directly on the Facebook page.

realisation video luxembourg

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